Rustic Kitchen

The kitchen design is inspired by antique architecture. This is evident in the imbedded channelled columns, graceful and straight, imitating the Roman columns but with carved elements at the ends.

All kitchen appliances are also in rustic style. The focus is on the kitchen extractor. It is integrated in the badge resembling the chimney of the hearth in old village cottages.

The kitchen top is made of mineral granite together with the two fitted sinks of the same material.

When designing the kitchen, we have strived to combine rustic vision with latest technology, such as fitted LED lighting, hinges and sliders with soft closing mechanisms, etc. that contribute to the greater comfort and easy use of the kitchen.


Arched Oak Exterior Door

The arched door is made of 100 % solid wood high-quality oak.
Classic stained glass windows are built in the top part, made of multi-colour glass and sealed with brass thread fitted in glazing.

Teen Bedroom

Here we have tried to meet the client’s requirements for furnishing a teen’s bedroom, combining work and recreation areas in a rather small space.

Teen Bedroom

All furniture pieces are characteristic with their rounded edges and corners.

detska staia 2

Two carefully selected types of colours are combined to underline the natural beauty of the oak.

detska staia 3